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Topic subjectawww man!
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17693, awww man!
Posted by Ezzsential, Tue Nov-22-05 03:08 PM
hmmmmm.. this was hard as shit, i read each verse over and over

but i have to give it to Destro only because these last lines were the cherry on top that gave him the edge to win:

Couldnít be more obvious if you lit a back road with high beams
How you frontin like you nice and you canít change your rhyme scheme?!
You sly fiend! So desperate for Destro Finnís approval
Tryin to find your spot in rhymin, but your rhymes are SPOT REMOVAL!

....making punches on the contender's actual verse structure is awesome and very appealing to a battle verse cuz it makes people see it when they read the other person's ish
and if it's true its points gained for the person who caught it...

niice job destro


- I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...
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