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Topic subjectWhateva vs Destro Finesstro
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17685, Whateva vs Destro Finesstro
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-22-05 08:52 AM

let me finally destroy this factory style insanity
this detached brat playing out his latchkey fantasies.
you fat manitee, You spit on a Retarded level
that alias fits, "Finess" likes his men Hard As Metal!!
the dust ain't settle, yet, playa, I'm Shittin where ya Corpse is
ya short lived career is in a state of rigor mortis
supporters, none, this is war, I send sons to rape ya daughters
double penetrate ya misses wit Flint and Seargent Slaughter :-)
destro, After EL_FANTASMO, give it a rest yo
did you seriously think that you delivered ya best flow?
hecks-no, hells-not, shells-hot, I'm-not testin ya
how "da best" get flexed by DUB the Mexican wrestler???!!!
yessir, I'm never-the-lesser, you softer than Baroness
yes, I'll fondle her breast, til you grow hair on ya chest
Destined, for greatness I shake villianous ahks in rhyme blenders
Erase ya Snakes eyes, Serpentor, and Dr. Mindbender
Sinner on the audio, devilish soul, You foldin
Told him, he chose, now he hosed up wit showers that's gold-en
Roll-in, side spltt-in, the gat-reach is in-dis-putable
Only thing you "shootin up" is backstreet pharma-ceu-ticals
Ludicrous, losin it, I-rhyme, he chewing on his cu-ticles
On, Mortuary, dot-com, he previewing his fu-neral
Stro, you WILL NOT be KING of The RING, you UN-suit-able!!
The ugly side of Whateva showed his face...ain't it beautiful....

Whateva the pace setter.

Destro Finesstro:

"...Broadwayís the only place you ever throw a set up" © Phonte

Donít take this personal, but you ainít that versatile
To be throwin setup rhymes, man your style ainít reversible
You canít flip the switch on, and think that you instantly dope
Cuz three quarters of this board thought thatís what you actually wrote!
And thatís bad kid. What you write on purpose, I kill when I adlib
All you spit is trash, call you Doug E. Ran-cid
But thatísí always been your trademark, you so inconsistent
In fact I doubt a hot verse by you ever existed!
For the lukewarm netcees, Whatevaís their delegate
You joined in 2003, and just now HALFWAY relevant
Your whole style like an interim coach, your words donít manage
You not the sixth man. You not even ridin the pine
They keep you in the locker room to practice on your rhymes!
You not the weak link cuz you not even on the chain
Whateva words serve as good a use as air bubbles in veins!
I demolish like gentrification through ten-e-ments
And thatís why I spotted you, in your stint as Flint
Surprise! Transparent text you tightly caress
So I moderate Whateva with no I.P. address
Couldnít be more obvious if you lit a back road with high beams
How you frontin like you nice and you canít change your rhyme scheme?!
You sly fiend! So desperate for Destro Finnís approval
Tryin to find your spot in rhymin, but your rhymes are SPOT REMOVAL!


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym