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Topic subjectRajeniro757 vs Biohazard
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17671, Rajeniro757 vs Biohazard
Posted by Prolif, Mon Nov-21-05 11:26 PM

Well this week I got a bye in more ways then one
Not to say Bioís Bi, but just as gay as they come
Theyíll be counting his remains bye the time that Iím done
Finding body parts everywhere under the sun
Look there go a crumb an opposable thumb
Chew em up and spit em out like disposable gum
Now you stuck to my timbs and missing some limbs
Give my verse a skim like the zapruder film
A magic bullet in him and Iím taking much more
Then his life and his wife and his jewels in the drawer
The air that he breathe, the blood that he bleed
A thousand CCís of whatever he need
Take a minute run the clinic thatís aborting his seed
Yes Iím taking it there, leave you dead in the square
Got a shooti and your body and some shells to share
Only seconds to spare, and Iím ticking them down
Shouldíve been a dentist how Iím taking the crown
Cause Iím surgically sound, killing hazardous clowns
Caution sign is out of line, had to put him in bounds
Let off a couple rounds lose a couple of pounds
Rayís workout plan got Bio's guts on the ground


Raje... Wait a minute, who? Lif got me fuckin' with no names/
I throw flames like Mario, scar this ho with propane/
My flow drains your life force, vampiric when you hear it/
Not for the faint of heart, rhymes are razor sharp, I spear shit/
Tears drip from his eyes, Ms. Raj can't deal with losses/
Hear the breath choke with the death stroke, then I seal the coffin/
Insane with rap, I slay this cat, PAIN! I leave bloodstains on tracks/
Face the facts, I take the axe, SWING! Cleave your name in half/
Left with 757, commercial jets/
Throw curses, threats, leave verses blessed with skill, put you in hearse-arrest/
I'm first to test wackness, do backflips when commanded/
Turn match to torch, this cat get scorched, throw ashes in a sandpit/
I brand this kid like cattle, cause death rattles, spit your last words/
Test the master? Absurd! I'll leave this bastard fractured/
Pass third round? Hell no! You'd best flee now/
I clash with hordes, smash this whore, and crash the Boards like rebounds/
Get beat down, I steal crowns, Lif best watch his back/
Caught in traps, left to fester, get turned to slaughtered scraps/
Raj an afterschool special, I'm primetime, do it big/
Now follow in Shampoo's footsteps and rock my rhyme in your sig


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym