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Topic subjectbattle miss cleo.. heh
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17663, battle miss cleo.. heh
Posted by Ezzsential, Sun Nov-20-05 04:08 PM
yeah here's my predictions lol wit alil' critique... no disses intended... i feel like a freestyle cheerleader lol

i was hoping to see destro and whateva battle the final battle
but since there up against eachother this round we're in for some heat!
des you've been hot!
whateva i've seen u come better, boost up to your normal level and you'll win the entire thing...

raj and bio well… I see bio winnin’ cuz raj doesn’t even rhyme
so raj make ur shit flow better to be better competition

sikstyle & shakeet, well… well I think shakeet will win only cuz sik’s last verse was just like he was throwin additional shit in his bars to make shit rhyme but there weren’t any really hot punchlines

- I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...
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