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Topic subjectSetup?? I put my heart and soul into those lines.
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17661, Setup?? I put my heart and soul into those lines.
Posted by Whateva, Tue Nov-22-05 12:06 AM
Let me explain:

"Destro you think you're hot, but people say I'm better"

Right here was genius. I called him out and hit him with something he wasn't expecting like "people say I'm better". He didn't know that!! Now he looking around like
"damn who thinks Whateva is better than me?". That's that Subliminal shit yo. Next level.

"Because I bring more heat than like a winter sweater"

Another hot line. I don't even know how I came up with this one. I'm sure this is first time this simile has been used. I mean, honestly, what brings more heat than a winter sweater? I might copyright this line.