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Topic subjectoh hell yes
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17657, oh hell yes
Posted by Whateva, Sun Nov-20-05 06:09 PM
>thats some straight cat n the hat shit...
>get back on the level u were on before!
>beat u at checkers? lol.. aight
>throw your creativity in there! come on man!
>all your aliterations (when u get your rhymes from a word)
>nothing is worse than throwing random words in bars just so
>that shit would rhyme!
>oh, and get off that ego shit! save it for the verse.. lol

You crazy Ezzential. That verse was hot fiyah!!!

Back around the way, the worse you could do was beat someone at Checkers. I seen mad cats lose their lives over a Checkers game. If you ended a game on a triple jump, you could almost expect to be shot.