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Topic subjectDestro_Finesstro vs EL_FANTASMO
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17607, Destro_Finesstro vs EL_FANTASMO
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-15-05 08:11 PM

Get it straight you ignorant unintelligent youngun
You identify racism like ice cubes in ovens
It ainít there! It donít exist! So keep your mouth sewed
The wall of rhymes you built is full of mouse holes
Critters in the dark who pick up your trash
Now they a bunch of fat rats cuz they ate all but the mask
Your whole body is garbage! Bar 1 through 24
Throw you in the Atlantic, then I row through you with bloody oars
Quit all that Spanish talk, we ainít in Puerto Rico
Keep runnin your mouth and Iíll blast you with the quatro cinco
With your basic rhyme structure. I can even guess your rap
Uhhh destro got a metal head and uhhh I think he wack
Pay attention to the teacher! Talk like a man, or stay in silence!
Your scripture hollas, they worth no dollars
A paper shredder is the only thing thatíll give them solace
Even your pen know you fake, from the huff itís purgin
You buy a 12 pack of Bic, but they all stay virgins
Ink wonít bust for you, from lack of clever stimuli
Your array of words miss the mark cuz they never centralized
Your best try is third grade, the thought of a bird brain
Your impact on this board amounts to the farts that germs made
You fake Ray Mysterio, no need to get emotional son
You just mad you write as well as animals with no opposable thumbs

°No preocupe, el circo puede siempre nosotros un payaso extra! °Ejemplar anormal enmascarado!



drop the curtain- see dubís been lurking
working on effects for my next big murking
he felt certain- till i broke the smokescreen
now he shaking jerking like a strung out cokefiend
ya wont be champ of the A.K.A.'s
i pull a sneak attack like iím C.I.A.- slay with superior tactics
might be a soldier but his weapons is plastic
blast his ass from Mass. to the Midwest
had a steel mask but no bulletproof vest
molest ya whole set spit death to cobra
ĎDestro Upsetí on the next weekís Oprah
a victim- of lyrical abuse
i lift him- got him strung on a noose
cut off his juice- then stick a boot to his gonads
foot in his mouth- he mad at his notepad
dag! didnít think youíd lose to Tasmo
ya concepts sad- whack spoof off Hasbro
thought you was cunning but son we saw ya coming
tried hiding now i reccomend running
he a grown ass man playing gi-joeís
put down the toys go work on ya flow!


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym