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Topic subjectRajeniro757 vs empro
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17593, Rajeniro757 vs empro
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-15-05 05:31 PM

You taking more hits then Jenna Jamison,106 and park, T.R.L.and NOW10
Itís a sin that it end so suitably, on this suicide assembly
Slaughter you brutally, then Emprovise your eulogy
Extract your hurdy-gurdy superbly, Iím other worldly
Holy heat seeking homos in heap loads of hot harmony
Killin calli cats comfortably like LAPD listening to Kenny g
Lilly livered sissy leave you bloody pissy and lifeless
These are million dollar bars but the end result is priceless
Fuck the nicest Precise on device recite contriteness
Contraceptives and clogged arteries killing your wife next
Broke necks are let go I perfect the flow, reject the empro
Recognize the ramifications of rhyming with rajeniro
World renown beat downs, canít find your teeth now
My feet is married to your face like they took a vow
Make you take a bow, down 15 flights of stairs
Evident you irrelevant canít even compare
Move the thoughts on your mine to the back on your chair
Players and naysayers get more holes then lifesavers
Read a prayer, you getting less votes then Ralph Nader
Open to all takers, Iím finished with this dude
Send him a poster and a bucket of ice cubes
Unbelievable I have this chump in a feeding tube
Caught 22 before you turned 20 TOO
Kindly delete your user name and stop sniffing the glue


Round 2 and I'm gin against wHO? / Let me get on my Sun Tzu...
My thoughts towards you are apathetic/
I'll son you/ The DNA results are in...yes they are genetic/
Watch as I get at this so called lyricists/ With verbal food 4 thought
Going down the esophagus/ The more confidence he gets/ I'll demolish it
I'm laced with the skill of Sparatcus/ I can tell u dont want this
Verbal slugs aimed at petty thugs/ Prime example: Raj
These copper shots is hard to dodge/ Deep in your interior is where they get lodged
Face the facts, your skill is featherweight/ In the booth your mic bait../
Yo, get out the yellow tape/ KY if you please, this shit is verbal
rape/ You can't escape your fait
I put my faith in the pen/ Just so I can fire rapid shots at mach 10
This is karma plus eczema/ I'll penetrate deep inside the skin
Go ahead and fight the truth until your mad...
Too bad the middle of your jeans is leakin/I think it's the maxi pad
Like sushi on slabs, I'm ripping through this fag
In need of oxygen, get 'em a brown Bag! Quickly
I got no time for brats like Benjamin Bratt in Pinero/
I hate Faukers that lie just like Robert Dinero/
So I'm puttin you outside the circle of trust/
Your pathetic... you pelvic thrust on the inflatable dolls/ Your flow is shallow
Be a man, open your vest and let your chest show/
I'll just rip open your chest and let your breath go/ You cant arrest me/
lyrical leprosy/ snatch off vital limbs/ and tread lightly in your blood with my Timbs


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym