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Topic subjectWhateva vs willi_dudat
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17549, Whateva vs willi_dudat
Posted by Prolif, Sat Nov-12-05 11:51 AM

"whateva will be"

comin off'a first round k.o, its du yo,
whateva's whateva's record nobody has to know;
as if john legend had come to ya rescue,
you "ordinary people" who don't wanna trade blow wit du:
cause i'll despose of you, like trash men, EARLY on monday,
and listen for the beep while they wisk you away;
its better this way, because you make the boards bored g,
who's next? this dude like tek, he'd rather write poetry:
talkin bout birds & bees & social disorder,
me? i'd rather leak reek speech causin lyrical slaughter;
the cause of your demise, with no disguise,
my eyes on the prize, you best just take a word from the wise: just don't even post
like the otha fo', who were disqualified,
"dis" prefix meanin "not" wit "ready" followin describes;
your preparation, you mistaken on misguided ventures,
im exposin fakeness like i yanked out ya mom's dentures:


Ayo hailing from smallest desert town on the map
Sierra Vista, Arizona, mister willi_dudat!!!!
The question for Whateva is "Will he run through that?"
my dick-ridin padawan, I really hate to do that
screw dat, I'm Jehovah but not to toy wit da Bible
I have to cease and desist my most loyal desciple
the right to, test ya masculinity, worthless snitch
you she-man, the masters of the universe's bitch
itch, for a record scratch, ropes and nailgun outback
stitch you down to rails, make a speed bump for Amtrak
I verbally rip apart dudat, you can't win fam
surgically take ya heart, give you da axe, like The Tinman
grinning, I keep pinheads spinning on an axis
the penned venom that I'm ventin mayne takes intense practice
Scrapped it, out wit crooks, you tryin my patience sonny
Perhaps, pick up my book "Flow and Cadence for dummies"
ya honey, said "Arizona bastids can't stimulate us"
so I bent her over and stuffed my cactus into her anus
heinous, I screwed ya name and female companion
so toss ya verses and ya game out into that Grand Canyon
man I'm still standin, the soundbombin original article
breakin willi_who'sdat down to sub atomic particles
part of you, wants to be me, ya hero, the rest fears me
but I'm number one, and yous a fuckin zero, it's binary....

Getcha weight up rookie. Stop playin games.


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym