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Topic subjectdamn.....
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17522, damn.....
Posted by hdub, Sat Nov-12-05 01:55 PM
...i even got these whack ass destro aliases jumping on me for shit

how am i whining or bitching? or like southern said "ruining the tourney?" im not even in the shit- i got no reason to cry or bitch and if you all dont like what i say ignore it and it has no effect on anything but my vote

for some reason any time i open my mouth you all have a bitch fit and get ya panties in a twist

i just am explaining the reasoning im using when i vote- im allowed to vote however i want and i also notice that my shit hasnt even disagreed with the majority on ANYTHING so i dont know why all of y'all are bitching so much

im also trying to get a discussion going on how to deal with audios in the tourney in the future cause for all the reasons i said i think this is a bad idea

once again it seems like a bunch of us think an audio tourney would be hot so its not liike im saying something so out of nowhere- and by the way barnoess/destro/slaughter/flint/whoever the fuck that is very different from southerns idea of weekly audio one on ones