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Topic subjectYou're wrong
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17519, You're wrong
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Fri Nov-11-05 10:29 PM
>i didnt want to consider your audio and i dont want to
>consider others when i vote because some people dont have the
>means to post up audios on the net and record quality shit on
>their computers- in fact not some people a lot of them

Yo. HDUB. No holds barred means exactly that. I could make a .gif fle with no sound and just lipsyncin my verse if i wanted to. It don't matter. These rules were made clear at the start of the tourney. If somebody don't wanna be subject to it they shouldn't enter it. Furthermore, just cuz you got an audio don't mean jack if your opponets written verse reads very well. Cuz I guarnatee you Whateva gon come with it regardless of who got an audio up. It's just entertainment mang.

>if you want to make an audio tourney make it i for one think
>it would be hot...

That would be a great idea actually.

but this is and has always been a lyrics
>tourney and its just not fair to the cats entering who dont
>have mics or recording programs

It's Charles Darwin in motion man. The tourney is evolving. *shrug* And on top of that, no one made these "helpless" people enter. LOL

>now that is obvious but with that being said there is nothing
>hypocritical about dude making an audio-

It's the DEFINITION of hypocritcal. I 'on have nothin against the man, but it mos def is contradictory. Period.

first off cause he
>knows there's cats like you that are gonna discount him if he

*deep sigh* You're a 100% wrong. Dude I voted for El Fantasmo last round when Frontline had an audio up. So uh...how am I discounting someone who soley has a written verse? The hottest verse will win. Regardless of format.