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Topic subjectRE: audios are allowed. read the rules.
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17518, RE: audios are allowed. read the rules.
Posted by hdub, Fri Nov-11-05 10:30 PM

>this is exactly it. everybody's gonna vote how they want.
>that's how it should be.

true im just campaigning for two separate tourneys and not counting audios unless its an exclusively audio tourney

why do i even give a fuck? obviously i have audio capabilities and furthermore im not even in the tourney

really to me its about the long term health of the boards

say youre 15

and you have no equip or dough

and no skills but want to start rhyming
this site is great for you and the tourney is a great hook to kids like that so we should keep it accessible at least a bit to cats like that

or dudes of any age with no cash for audio equipment who is on a comp in some library
theyre ill on the mic and tear ass in live battles and want to be on here to consistently develop their writtens

i dont want to see the tourney shut out to those folks- the tourney is the only thing that gets some people on the boards

this board can be a great resource for people and i think we maximize its potential by having lyrics and audios be separate contests

its like having distances in track- it just makes for better events