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Topic subjectRE: audios are allowed. read the rules.
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17516, RE: audios are allowed. read the rules.
Posted by hdub, Fri Nov-11-05 10:21 PM
yeah i see that

its up to lif to make the rules not me

but i just think its a bad direction to go in

i think if we gonna have audios included in the voting there should be two separate tourneys

thats why i am not gonna count any audios when i vote on the shit and i dont think anyone else whos doing the same should get clowned

that being said i love to see audios from folks and anyone doing that no matter what skill level gets props from me especially dudes like sha and lif who come hard on audio

so i was just saying i see where someone could be coming from posting up an audio and still saying they shouldnt be counted

shit i posted an audio last time around

dont get it twisted im not at all against audios being posted

all im doing these days is working on my audio game and i like that more dudes on the site is posting them but i think as that is happening we need to think about how to approach it for the tourney- and this is the best forum for discussing that right?