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Topic subjectKing O' Da Ring Tourney IV (Round 2)
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17507, King O' Da Ring Tourney IV (Round 2)
Posted by Prolif, Fri Nov-11-05 09:22 AM
ok....1st round had some disappointing no shows, but the tourney must go on....again, all forms of creativity count - no holds barred....24 bar limit

deadline is tuesday night at 8pm to submit....
(insert Mills Lane quote here)


Alias vs Sikstyle
Biohazard vs Samurai_Shampoo
Desto Finesstro vs EL_FANTASMO
Shakeet Lokh Em vs Soulbrotha
Rajeniro757 vs empro
Whateva vs willi_dudat


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym