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Topic subjectEzzsential vs destro finesstro
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17248, Ezzsential vs destro finesstro
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 09:33 PM
destro finesstro:

Miss Stephanie, your destiny, ain’t to battle incessantly
No man scared of you cuz you look like a Bosnian refugee
Oh my bad, you made your face look like that on purpose
Well Revlon called they said they don’t sponsor the circus
Itailian, German, Irish mix, your mother flash like paparazzi
And her product is a pasta eatin alcoholic Nazi
Comin on the board fussin with misplaced male hate
Just another woman scorned no man want your stale bait
Then got the nerve to say everybody wack and everybody suck
But when it come down to it, YOU the problem that nobody want
You just a horny housewife that want your vulva mitigated
“husband” don’t wanna even touch you, artificially inseminated
But hold on a second, when I think about it, and all of the facts
Ezzsential you ain’t pregnant babygirl, yo, YOU JUST FAT!
Barbecue riblet eatin, attendin food-a-holic meetins
Carry turkey legs to the bathroom while you on the toilet skeetin
You so hot, where’s your audio? Can we expect that much?
Or you afraid of the truth, you sound like Jabba the Hut?
“All yall dudes is wack” <<< AIIYO TRICK SHUT UP!!!
You just got waxed by a make believe G.I. Joe partner
So you should live up to your last name Avis, and just ‘try harder’
Rza listenin, cobra look-a-like, eatin chicken gizzards
You stand close to walls, call you #4 the lizard




"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym