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Topic subjectflashiusclay vs empro
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17246, flashiusclay vs empro
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 09:26 PM

Venomous verbal mic connection...Watch as I physically get inside this niggas midsection
Destroying vital T cells like the HIV infection..Face the facts, my essence alone is too real
I'll stop your "Circle of Life" like a birth control pill.. There is no way you'll win
As I created wickedness with the ball point pen..The Devil himself asked permission to enter,
I waved him in... Just so I can demolish you, cut u in two...and soak your scars in 99% proof Gin
I was told to hit 'em where it hurts...Clay sucks so much dick, even when he walks his head & neck
jerks..Undercover type brother, dressing up in moms mini skirts..In need of relief he calls for help with Nextel chirp alerts..But it's not comin for this cat, so place your bets...As I send threats
directly to Internet sets...Your no rap vet, you got a cervix...Type of cat in a Tea Bagging marathon and call out "Who's next?"...Rhymes remain suspect, that's why I took your "Flash"
I told you cats IBM mortal, my lifeline is diecast..Place the flash on the scope..Roof-top sniping
Shoot two through your throat..Watch you collapse and choke.I provoke criminals...Fuck subliminals..I'm comin directly at you
The hood snitch who knew? Even with a speech impediment I would still sh-sh-sh-SHIT on you...




"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym