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Topic subjectBiohazard vs Dash
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17241, Biohazard vs Dash
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 09:19 PM

Put the verse down in the first round and you're hearse bound/
A burst of sound, Dash is standing on cursed ground/
Get your thirst drowned when you get hit with my raw spittle/
That shit's biohazardous! Dash get dashed to the hospital!/
Leave you flawed, crippled, get your legs and dreams broken/
You scream, chokin', the heat'll leave you steamed, roastin'/
I reopen wounds, slice your face and tits/
It's a DAmn SHame, dude be fuckin' with some DAngerous SHit/
Son got shaken wits, I came equipped with rhymes to leave your casket charred/
Your ass get scarred, headless like that shit in your avatar/
I'm fast to spar, always quick when i pick fights/
Dash grip mics, droolin' on 'em 'cause he think they lookin' dick-like/
You kick, bite! With all that effort you best hurt me!/
Calm down, kid! Don't wanna get your dress dirty!/
Leave your chest burning, then I snatch the crown, son/
I seen your http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=20&topic_id=12651&mesg_id=12651&listing_type=search other shit, man, you won't ever get past round one




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