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Topic subjectSikstyle vs iMaNinja
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17240, Sikstyle vs iMaNinja
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 09:04 PM
***Sik-jitsu (Seppuku)***

Ninja? OKAY Ima C.I.A.// Ima
send ya to the grave leave ya MIA
S-I-K, you mouthin out the scene I paint,
-snappin on ya self with a beat on play// HEY
HEY HEY- Albert couldnt hold my weight,
-precision slicin scissor to your String of Fate// swing
blades, ya page ends- in heaven or hell// slice ya
face like the first Mach 7 to sell
I rep all ill, you my pen's kunta kinte
whip ya ass quick, sever the head off ya sensei
on wax or off, wax on, wax off
wack off ta scrolls till ya wackness comes off
I'm miles above sea level, polar to devils
you see, sik is seasick n pukes flows on C level-
mcees, me n chineese OGs, blow trees// with
techniques, to smoke fiends wit no steez
Halloween ninja vs samurai hoards// wanna
live by the sword bitch? DIE BY THE SWORD!!





"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym