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Topic subjectAlias vs the_blues
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17228, Alias vs the_blues
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 05:29 PM

Stood at the front lines, no time to run for the hills
This ainít a war for faith, gasoline or dollar bills
Fully armored and more, battle cry, full bore
Pencil and paper, hands to keyboard
We fight for the glory, we fight for the fame
We fight for an alternative outlet for pain
Crowds gather as our brains train and dine
On syllabic hat trick wording in metaphoric design
The man left standing had the words that glisten
The entire earth stroke their chins as they listen
Thought provoking, mind-fire stoking
I ainít here for joking, its genius Iím invoking
Get a neuron synapse to make a lightening bolt jealous
Inspire higher learning, make apathetic go zealous
I take no chances on advances with no meaning
Every single letter must send a mind careening
Through space and time, mortal and divine
Will feel a shiver in their soul when they hear me rhyme
Iím not one to gloat, and Iím not one to self preen
I donít like to brag, hell I donít like to be seen
But on some nights full moonlight I can howl at the page
Steal the keys to the prison of life and leave the cage
Iím a warrior my story stops people on dimes
When they release me to front lines of battle rhymes.


Member since JUNE! with a glance this rook probably crapped his pants
he knows KO is like a longhorn goin pro...my tex{t} advance
You stand no chance Im unbreakable like Wolverine's claws
now watch me put the_blue's bars on end like the picture for Pause!
One hand on my ballz
as the other draws the chalk outline of your lyrical encumbrance,
Verbally assault ya & then fill you in like paint-by-numbers.
I'll even spot ya 1/2 a bar: _______________________________
_______________________________ and then continue to spit
Peep ya inbox I sent ya a Blues Clues "textcee" starter kit
I'm laughin' and ish' as this guy chokes 2 death with a taste of my rhyme
More than just an easy win, this kat completely just wasted my time
Pass this test? This rook cant even make the grade
Lookin & soundin like that Blizzard kid from MTV's MADE
I'll add Black to ya Blues get ya whole frame Bruised
used and abused you can't pretend to contend with my methodsÖ
Derailing ya train of thought, Ya linesíll end up in wreckage
Son get the message take a hint & try to respond with heat...
you being able to see me is like Atheism its Beyond-Belief!
have ya deceased and leave ya body frozen in motion
You firing blanks this dude fakes the heat like tanning lotion
Whats that commotion? its the boards yell'in "KO is too tight!"
Good riddence kid..oh and by the way..welcome to the site.


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym