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Topic subjectRE: Shakeet Lokh Em vs MiracleRic
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17222, RE: Shakeet Lokh Em vs MiracleRic
Posted by Whateva, Tue Nov-08-05 06:54 PM
"Aww thit, yo, thufferin thucotash//"

Yo why did I start laughing after I read that. You wrong for this Sha.
You had consistently nice punches, not too severe, but effective all together. I thought the rhyme scheme could be better though.

"i knocked the nose off the sphinx ock,
I couldn’t bmore sick, i even see flows in inkblots,"

MiracleRic your rhyme scheme on this one was ridiculous, but I felt like it got in the way sometimes. I caught a few of those jabs at Baltimore like the one up top. I wonder how many I missed. The scheme was nice, but not enough heavy hitters IMO.

Very tough, but... vote: Shakeet