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Topic subjectRE: Shakeet Lokh Em vs MiracleRic
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17221, RE: Shakeet Lokh Em vs MiracleRic
Posted by sikstyle, Tue Nov-08-05 06:39 PM

>Letís get to bare bone facts, like decomposition//
>The only reason you was hot cuz there was no competition//


>Iím tryin to help you out man, to climb up to my level//
>Teach how to be dope as base and not to settle for treble//

^this line is gonna get plagerized in other posts, watch


^so will this one


>i spit fire and flow swag, hot drool
>I got tools from tripwire to toe-tags
>i inspired a whole fadÖand trend
>i hold bags of gems and flow savage phlegm

^altoids might help. ill rhyme scheme though

u cant eat beef with the fork in
>the road,
>either be a stepping stone or a corpse in a hole


>i even see flows in inkblots

^it doesnt even matter what was around that, itd be hot anyway

very entertaining, hotness from both sides. dope ass audio too. eenie meenie miney moe... in the year of 19-eighty seeeeven...

vote: shakeet