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Topic subjectsha gets it....
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17217, sha gets it....
Posted by hdub, Tue Nov-08-05 01:33 PM
...i was expecting this round to be closer

ric's verse was good, not his best, but good, but sha's- damn, miles ahead of any of his other verses

now im sticking with my morals here and not counting the audio cause i feel like this is primarily a written lyrics tourney and because i know some people dont have the equip. to get that done

ill admit im less inclined to do that when i know the person has the ability to make audios as in this case but like i said this primarily a written tourney and i know some folks might have the means but not the time

anyways, enough pontifficating, as far as this match goes, in terms of flow it was almost even

both verses had nice flow to them but sha's was a little harder and just edges by him ever so slightly

where sha really took this one was in terms of punchlines

seemed like every line of his shit had me laughing my ass off:

>Aww thit, yo, thufferin thucotash//
>This battleís ill advised like smoking and pumpin gas//

this here was ridiculous ^^^^

and it wasnt even the highlight- i cant even quote cause i seriously would quote every line

ric had some OK lines but also some shit that just made me say huh? and missed the target like this:

>and iíll take u to school, but not towson or morgan,
>but how-tos on how to spit ounces and organs

i dig all this a lot:

>i built throat hearses, pardon me, thats a pine voice box
>I rhyme moist drops and leave the boards in grief quick
>Chief rick, no choice ock, u cant eat beef with the fork in
>the road,
>either be a stepping stone or a corpse in a hole

altho ock?!?! ummm i dont know about that

and this is another "huh?" line:

>look at ya cities aids rate, Iíll dump ya body at dru hill

how is someone's city's aids rate a diss?

with the lines that i didnt feel combined with the fact that the ones i did were more about giving props to himself than clowning sha it made up my mind for sha in this one

still tho, i got give respect to ric cause he did the opposite of me- he didnt really feel like doing it this go-round but he came through anyways

but- why my name in this flow? am i seriously so nice that dudes feel the need to take shots at me even when im not in this? or is it that im saying im not in the mood for battling right now so dudes trying to take potshots when they knwo there isnt gonna be a consequence

see this what happens when i try to keep out of trouble