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Topic subjectShakeet Lokh Em vs MiracleRic
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17216, Shakeet Lokh Em vs MiracleRic
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 01:12 PM
Shakeet Lokh Em:

(Malediction Ric)

Aww thit, yo, thufferin thucotash//
This battleís ill advised like smoking and pumpin gas//
Frederick/ spit halitosis bars, Iím antiseptic//
How a lighter go against the sun, Iím so unaffected//
I get ill with my quill and thatís why Iím respected//
If you love me or hate me you know Iím pennin a blessin//
I write doublemint script for that feces you speak//
Saw Ric name in the first round, I got it easy this week//
Letís get to bare bone facts, like decomposition//
The only reason you was hot cuz there was no competition//
I know your nameís Ric mayne/ but you ainít Rick James//
So stop actin like a dragon cuz you donít spit flame//
Tryin to slap newbies round like you got rock aura//
Ric you 22 years old tryna to play Pop Warner//
Iím tryin to help you out man, to climb up to my level//
Teach how to be dope as base and not to settle for treble//
Shakeetís just that nice, I got answers for Allen I.//
I kill you wack emcees and keep yall pens in formaldehyde//
Before I close your casket, one thing I should mention//
Ay Ric Iím over here, tell your lazy eye to pay attention//
Listen/ you wanna sound real, not Snagglepuss comic//
Replace your soundclick link to link hooked on phonics//
You rejected like Cain as you devote your best//
Bobbin to Shakeet Lokh Em how you broke your neck//



Poor Sha, u far too soft for warcries
Post a pic, im known to be a sight for sore eyes
and iíll take u to school, but not towson or morgan,
but how-tos on how to spit ounces and organs
i spit fire and flow swag, hot drool
I got tools from tripwire to toe-tags
i inspired a whole fadÖand trend
i hold bags of gems and flow savage phlegm
u tote purses, my dope verse's sole purpose is carpentryÖ
i built throat hearses, pardon me, thats a pine voice box
I rhyme moist drops and leave the boards in grief quick
Chief rick, no choice ock, u cant eat beef with the fork in the road,
either be a stepping stone or a corpse in a hole
I got the fresh steez, whoa! this guy is vintage,
i put holes in stretch tees and oversize ya fitted
i knocked the nose off the sphinx ock,
I couldnít bmore sick, i even see flows in inkblots,
no cure from my shrink-doc can sooth my ailments,
so pure i drink shots and lyrically bruise ya helmet,
the flow is smooth as velvet, I bathe apes, is u ill?,
look at ya cities aids rate, Iíll dump ya body at dru hill
im both sick and hot with these lines,
u dont want beef, get a chicken box and rewind...the club track,
my son aint prince, but i bet skeets shakeet wants dub back


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym