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17211, don_gorgon
Posted by sikstyle, Tue Nov-08-05 06:54 PM
Don Gorgon

>My assessment of whoeva’s flo
>Even the passiveness of his pseudo
>Says: what you gonna do to me?

>Secret sacrifice /son soft as a bow wow song
>Nominated for my noose / Stunt double for signature moves
>I’m tearing finger sinews
>So any semblance of simian Silurian writtens gets dismissed by
>round two


>leviathan pose, I devour the so called nicest
>so swallowing a "don" would be a change in my diet

>ride it, high seas, drown ya sisters and brothers
>snatch the flag off ya avi and send it to ya mother.
>da gutter, where I'm from, where ya corspe turned up
>Ya teeth pulled for ID cause ya corpse burned up

tough one to call, another entertaining one. gotta give it to gogon though, came off a lot harder