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17209, gorgon....
Posted by hdub, Tue Nov-08-05 01:08 PM
...i had this as a tie after my first read

seemed like whateva's flow was iller but he lacked the punchlines whereas the don had them hardhitters but was all over the place flow-wise

on second read i saw where don was at with his

his flow is sick but it's hard to read- he could go all the way in this if he just thinks more about writing his verses out in a way that conveys the beat in his head- or if he can do audios

whateva's was aight- if it wasnt him id say good job but he can do better- he woulda got by a lot of other folks in this tourney cause its been a bit lackluster so far but this is easily the best verse of the round so far

that bow wow line

the shitted on white tee

the tomfoolery flip at the beginning

i likes