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Topic subjectRE: don_gorgon vs Whateva
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17207, RE: don_gorgon vs Whateva
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Nov-08-05 12:14 PM
>My assessment of whoeva’s flo
>Even the passiveness of his pseudo
>Says: what you gonna do to me?

clever ish here

>Secret sacrifice /son soft as a bow wow song
>Nominated for my noose / Stunt double for signature moves
>I’m tearing finger sinews

this was also hot shit

>They should arrest Lif for assisting in this murder
>I magically turn fake Jamaicans into lurkers
>you berserk for disturbing me in the first round
>you jerkin my chain, doc tell the nurse to get the hearse now
>I'm hurtin clowns, "don_gorgon", denying he froze
>my rounds dispurse crowds like riot control
>leviathan pose,

this last few lines makes me wanna give it to whateva, that shit just rolled off the tounge easy

but ya both made the mistake of fading off at the end of your verses

i would rather see a rematch but whateva shit just flowed a iller