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Topic subjectdon_gorgon vs Whateva
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17200, don_gorgon vs Whateva
Posted by Prolif, Tue Nov-08-05 08:57 AM

This is ya first round investment in verbal vertigo
Im here to cure the obsession with lyrics in limbo
My assessment of whoevas flo
Even the passiveness of his pseudo
Says: what you gonna do to me?
Yousa first round bluff
Excuse of a bye/ lif knew cats would get mad
So he sent me this guy
Secret sacrifice /son soft as a bow wow song
Nominated for my noose / Stunt double for signature moves
Im tearing finger sinews
So any semblance of simian Silurian writtens gets dismissed by round two
Clown you
As Just progress to impede
So I left my verbal shit stains
Like yep!!! on ya white tee
Wha? Mashing with the metaphor monster
fuck ya sponsors
someone send whoeva a sharpie
for the mark in his lost column
his verse is postpartum
LIf gave him the death sentence in the Wednesday Night Fights /Im just here to shock him
May be LIf. will play governor and give his verse a pardon
or sing
whateva whateva
Whateva whateva
Whateva whateva
Whateva whateva
Whateva what~e~va
and send Jill Scott his body


They should arrest Lif for assisting in this murder
I magically turn fake Jamaicans into lurkers
you berserk for disturbing me in the first round
you jerkin my chain, doc tell the nurse to get the hearse now
I'm hurtin clowns, "don_gorgon", denying he froze
my rounds dispurse crowds like riot control
leviathan pose, I devour the so called nicest
so swallowing a "don" would be a change in my diet
You ain't fittin in my genes any way that you splice it
da right Hook, I'm snatchin' the 'ship like a pirate
ride it, high seas, drown ya sisters and brothers
snatch the flag off ya avi and send it to ya mother.
da gutter, where I'm from, where ya corspe turned up
Ya teeth pulled for ID cause ya corpse burned up
from Northeast, to the dirty South, I stay immersed in it
The next time ya mouth opens, stuff ya verses in it
you the worst in this competition, I'm being honest
If I ended at bar 6 it still wouldn't be a contest
I'm the best, wrestlin, but not a winner yet here
digesting, I got these cats on the internet scared
In the heart of these vets is fear, that should tell you somethin
I'm not spittin these verbally loaded shells for nothin
best believe I ain't going to hell for bluffin


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym