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Topic subjectFrontLine vs EL FANTASMO
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17179, FrontLine vs EL FANTASMO
Posted by Prolif, Mon Nov-07-05 10:43 PM

To: Tasmo The Great


The verses you write are the worst that I've seen
Its time for my attack Im back on the scene
I'm about to pin you down for the 1..2..3..
You're a fake wrestler you're not an Emcee
Mira...you only got a small chance...Pare
Yo mentira you got no chance at all
This time you fall, time to flash through your past
Just keep on your mask 'cause I just ripped your ass
Tasmo the great more likeTasmo the Fake
Where's your face? YOU FLAKE!!
FrontLYne and Ess Eff we'll bring out your worst traits.....


Yeeeah its FANTASMO AKA El Senor doing this tourney thing for real. Like I told you when I first came in: ITS ON NOW BITCHES!!!!! You are not ready!!!!

Beat you down from Front to BACKline.
Nice name since you rap asscrack rhymes.
Smack guys who lack a bite with they bark.
Im super, man and you aint even Clark.
I hit shots out parks, you barely even bunting.
TASMO raps hard while you be FRONTing
Im punting his ass, its up, AND ITS GOOD!!!
After this hell never show face in his hood.
Its understood you just some hijo de puta.
If it was Friday Id go Deebo and duke ya.
Monday, but still you get knocked the fuck out!!
Wishing none understood the words out ya mouth!
But your verse already out, it too late to edit.
My premium flow crush ya regular unleaded.
I Dead it. Im FANTASMO but you be the ghost.
Face it dog your ring king dreams all toast.
Wanted to be Rey but you got outFOXXed.
Regretting the day you pressed send and inboxed.


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym