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Topic subjectAuriz Deep vs Soulbrotha
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17165, Auriz Deep vs Soulbrotha
Posted by Prolif, Mon Nov-07-05 06:39 PM
Auriz Deep:

It's... Auriz in the corner of the ring
Brotha lookin like he got blood runnin from him
We bunson burnin the stems and leaves
So I'm wreckin ya family tree like a kick to the nuts...
I use this whole tourney as a promotional tool
And brotha, you just a commercial
You got an infomercial beggin to try you just once
Today ain't yours man, you can never keep me at bay...
You gonna come up short... yea that's you...
I'm Mr. Rourke to your Tatoo... DE PLANE, DE PLANE!!!
My train of thought directed toward wreckin Soul
Consolin ya mother when I told her I was sonnin my brotha
And she said to me... I wish my son'd quit gettin Bullied...
He's hangin on monkeybars, thinkin that's exercise
But he should recognized, that he's a recievin a flurry of words
Absurd, I replied, He needs to toughen up but I stand in his whey like curds.


*Dear Summer beat drops*

*this ain’t a keystyle or a stage-play chump…read in between the lines*

*put that mic down dun-dun..*

Dear Hip Hop,
Its been a while since I battled/
“Aur-iz-”(cos)-this wack emcee is too shallow/
I release sick spits “Deep” enough to drown you in the flow/
No, you’re-not-a-pro/ folks know/
you don’t just suck/
You pretty much blow/ get it? Nah
You shoulda been vomited ‘fore birth/
I send your career where it should be…underneath the earth/
6 feet/ 10, nine inches/ put those britches/ down/
Stitches found around just as exit wounds/
That’s what the words themselves do/ when they cut through you/
Literally/ on some “I’m infinity times better than you” Pshh..forget that/
I’m just in another stratosphere/ you/ nobody could ever care-
Less/is more/ you don’t even exist/ therefore I don’t need 16/
To upload in your dome a full-clip/ log off/ ‘fore or else kill yourself/
‘cos you’re better off being a cadaver/don’t body yourself..*HA!*
..and I’m just warming up/ask the pot what the frying pan does/
The oven is released/ as the speech/ boils in oil/ under flames/
I burn your food for thought the same/ with all the plates/ cuhz!/
Don’t even try biting off more than you can chew/
Unless you like invisible grills and missing tooths/*gangsta grillz anyone?*
Stay away from the booth/ when you see the boy post/
You could be Pillsbury dough/come across soul/end up toast/ *you know*

*beat ends*
*sorry hip hop, I’m just just…you know letting little man here know..’das all*

* - adlibs


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym