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Topic subjectDeception 101 vs Samurai_Shampoo
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17126, Deception 101 vs Samurai_Shampoo
Posted by Prolif, Sun Nov-06-05 10:42 PM
Deception 101:


you a mark Samurai, I'm a cleaner...
known to shampoo mc's, the black caesar/
Norin Radd's heir, who you know rap
like, Ric Flair's theme music/
I thought you had a code to honor/
keeping your kitana sharp?/
them butter knife darts not hurtin me pa/
I spit a bar that'll part a little more than your 'fro/
I hope you got a ghostwriter fa 'sho/
You can check my stats, a strong 70 plus/
b-movie cat, best be moving black/
remove the s, pig!!!/
your style poo if that/
remove ham, it's still sh*t everytime you rap/
It's not a game, you pop a lotta lame/
I stop traffic rapping, spraying a lotta 'cane.....


nukkas ride hard drives, so they easy to format
if this tourney's coming home, Deception's the doormat
ain't deceivin Knowone, you get less :)~ than Zin
i route more fools than Adaptec and Belkin
you couldn't touch me with a shotgun and a Ouija
we'll need volunteers to sop your remains with a squeegee
i arrive on the scene and it's an instant bloodbath
like Ichi the Killer, i make bitches run fast!
no resurrection for Deception's condition
only consolation.. you caught Samurai pissin'
battery acid, i Kells your lyrical fears
summarize your career as 'the sum of all tears'
yo mama so fat she wear 3 dresses
Superman ain't shit, my chest got 2 S's
'I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE', a clerk gone turbo
don't you know? 101's the door to Dante's inferno
i pop egos like discharged kernels
leaving decapitated quads with hearts gone purple
you ain't deceptive with ya boys playing hide the gerbil
I'M deceptive kaiser soze aka Verbal
this ain't nothing, i boxcarton'd Deception100
i spared his legs, Deception 10 is still running
an armless apostle tryna warn off his clones
alas he's too late... Deception 10 is alone.


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym