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17116, willi_dudat
Posted by hdub, Mon Nov-07-05 04:19 AM
willi i was liking this first part

>now i know this is the first time i've entered the contest,
>i come to rip shit, and see how far i can progress;
>got my tongue sharpened and punchlines set,
>and then i find out lif put up against tek:
>you mean the cat that puts his best out and still get
>pro couldn'a made it easier, this here is a cinch;
>its almost christmas you can call me the grinch,
>cause im not battlin this cat, im stealin this shit:

from this ^ line on down you kind of lost me tho

still tek i was lost with yours pretty much from step one

maybe it works when you actually flow it but on the page this shit just was too much

vote: willi d