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Topic subjectBarTek vs willi_dudat
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17105, BarTek vs willi_dudat
Posted by Prolif, Sun Nov-06-05 10:37 PM

willi_dudat.. will he.. do that? .. will he... move that?
mountain (crash), that standin front him (flash), bout to erupt like a fountain (splash),
glass walls can't contain a shark wit a gash in the shield..
off the wall, on the prowl for a lunchin..(crash)
i'm hungry.. you betta yield!!
i'm moving through current states of flow wit a roar..
a lion hearted .. runner of rapid river wilds.. wyld child wit an orr..
steering my course.. straight to my liking.. the outcome of this round..
to my liking.. in this verse and in this world...
to my timely assault..
on any that flirt wit the tall.. order the coroner in the morning.. ya know i won't hold...
the phone is ringing, pick it up and find your tele turned on...
i take the wits wit the slick tip of the switch.. i got the appliance turned on..
thas right.. my mic come from the school of hard knocks torchin your lawn..
a razor sharp blade blazing that grass you steppin on.. exhale...
i'm higher, than the plane your imaginary throne placed be on...
i'm that fire.. ... ... *clears throat* .... RRRROOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!
..siZZzzZzzle... flexing mental clout like an armored clock wit a fizzle..
ya know.. the fuse is riddled.. wit all kinds of flames...
.. i pull tears.. of pages and faces when they read verses..
..designed to twist they nerves..
i'm aces..
when you thought you was frontin a king...

the brave that stood in front of..

him... ^^


now i know this is the first time i've entered the contest,
i come to rip shit, and see how far i can progress;
got my tongue sharpened and punchlines set,
and then i find out lif put up against tek:
you mean the cat that puts his best out and still get lynched,
pro couldn'a made it easier, this here is a cinch;
its almost christmas you can call me the grinch,
cause im not battlin this cat, im stealin this shit:
you gots to be kiddin, thinkin that you stand a chance,
i bet they even boo'd you over pomp and circumstance;
at your graduation ceremony face it yo, you phony,
you "oscar" off sesame street, "mayer" bol-lony:
but i admire ya homie fa steppin in the ring,
even tho the punches got'cha hunched clinchin ya spleen;
as you can see i fight clean so respect is due,
and don't be mad cause fact is, IM BETTA THAN YOU:


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym