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Topic subjectKing O' Da Ring Tourney IV (Round 1)
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17064, King O' Da Ring Tourney IV (Round 1)
Posted by Prolif, Mon Nov-07-05 12:10 AM
aaaaaiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhhtttt....once again, it's back....who's gon' claim the crown this go 'round?....

* no holds barred - that means audios, videos, calicos, etc, etc are legal
* you will have 4 days to INBOX (not email) me your rhymes - no exceptions
* after all of the rhymes are in, there will be 4 days to vote - no exceptions
* after all the votes are tallied, we move on
* there is a 24 bar limit!!!! any rhyme over 24 bars will be automatically disqualified and the opponent moves on (obviously it doesn't have to be that long though)
* finally, please remember: "THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN" - so if u feel somebody is getting under ur skin, then good, it's a BATTLE - they're supposed to; at the permission of the moderators, all "beefing posts" within the tourney will be deleted....extra comments are cool, but we all fam up in hhhuurrrr, so if u gon hit below the belt, let it be within the actual battle rhyme itself....

let's do it!


Ezzsential vs destro finesstro
Sikstyle vs iMaNinja
biohazard vs Dash
bartek vs will_dudat
samurai_shampoo vs deception 101
rajeniro757 vs homicidal crook
whateva vs don_gorgon
Auriz Deep vs Soulbrotha
FrontLine vs EL_FANTASMO
Alias vs the_blues
Shakeet vs MiracleRic
flashiusclay vs empro


"u wanna play ball or u wanna fight?" -- ray brown in the gym