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Topic subjectWNF 5 The Illest Mc? You make the call !!!
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17038, WNF 5 The Illest Mc? You make the call !!!
Posted by Zin, Wed Oct-26-05 01:04 PM
Yes Yes Yall ….it ya boy Zugga Zin back for another installation of the WNF …. This week I have a special treat for all of you underdog / low post count mcees ….earlier this week I was searching for the illest verse written ….and since this weeks WNF seemed like a bust I decided to take matters in my own hands … so I took three mc’s verses and I’ll let you decide who’s the illest …. Let do this …..


peep my 3 mile style/
thousand island and wild/
superman ray bans/
see you coming a mile
looking like louis vuton
longarm hanging with Sean
crooked tooth cookiemonster
crawling searching for crumbs
rodney king had a dream
can't we all get along
but i proceed to drop bombs
and put you where you belong
back seat maybe trunk
it depends on your moms
didn't mean to go there
but you stepped in the square
for this game of electric musical chair
leave you ass out
like the picture of Cher
never learned to share
so i'm taking your shine
leave your life shorter
then the width of a dime


Theres a side of me thats clinical,
cold, maybe a matter of derision,
revision tells me i learned it from the chatter of television,
regardless i diseregard peoples points of vision,
20-20, i see so well, i get premonitions,
i draw the stars on my canvas with inivisible ink,
i've reached the brink, missing links in what i think,
disconnected, i stay dissafected,
politics, are hollow bricks that can never be dissected,
not expected to conform, just not to rise against,
what is considered sense my objectives have been condensed,
to the basic, action creates reaction,
satisfaction found in death,
through drinking meths, to gain abstraction,
out of breath, finally i cease to function
the last anomoly, like enconomies, crashing at the junction


Yo, peep the translation
Of this ill rhyme demonstration
Break out the Timb boots
And Adida sweat suits
You’re now witnessed to the special occasion
For words that require a standing ovation
At the venue I continue to amaze
Speak straight forward
Striking kids right in their rib cage
Throw raps & aim them at your favorite icon
My grip on the mic resembles that of a python
Ha, yea I know they hate us…
Want to send us on a permanent hiatus
Just peep the technique and style
Kodak flashes capture the ill profile
Empro’s flow touches you scary niggas in private places
Somethin similar to a pedophile
Rhyme rapture
Captures conscious minds from Illadel
Down to the Nile
Meanwhile, peep how I get in this
Hate me like your arch nemesis
My world records exceed those in Genius
Yes, this lyricists leaves weak minded cats
With slit writs
Better yet, it’s euthanasia
Before you stray too far away from that white light
Prey that God saves ya
Cuz I groove to the wickedness that the Devil approves
So basically I can do whatever with you
Stop actin brand new
I’m more live than the freak nasty “crew”
That made asses shake
Fuck plate tectonics
I make the earthquake
Only with time will my wit grow quicker
With so much skill, you gotta measure my weight
In rector.