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Topic subjectwow, glad i didn't miss this one....
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16864, wow, glad i didn't miss this one....
Posted by hdub, Sun Sep-11-05 08:35 AM
this idea is amazing and well said:

>them levvies broke long time ago
>& them poor people been drownin
>floatin' on make shift jobs

and then throw in this notion--

>shuck & jivin
>for us camera clickin tourists
>tossing quarters in the wishing well of their eyes

for me this was a completely new perspective on katrina

honestly i been thinking a lot , but it's just so overwhelming i havent been able to get past the basic facts of what happened--- this piece really digs deep

and the closer is great

>& it has never been a secret
>that they lived below
>sea level
>only protected by hope
>that some day
>things would change

just a side note- my uncle his ex wife and my cousin- his daughter, and at one point my grandma work pleasing the tourists in jackson square

thankfully we've recently found them and they made it out to alabama

they're all white

i know that overwhelmingly this issue affected the black community, but lets not forget that a lot of the problems in this fucked up society we're living in that are regarded as race issues are also heavily affected by class

poor people are at best second class citizens in the us regardless of race- beinng a minority only makes matters worse for them