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Topic subjectRE: it ain't news to me...
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16858, RE: it ain't news to me...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Thu Sep-08-05 06:36 PM
>(sidenote: i think it's unfinished.)

For what it's worth, I think it's finished -- But if the perfectionist in you feels it isn't -- By all means, write your lil' heart out! -- :)

It seems we've ALL been tryna write bits & pCe's of emotional angst and sympathetic vent~age -- If 4 nutthin' else, then for the sake of purging and pounding our poetic fists --

But ^THIS^ dug a lil' deeper and hit oil -- Lubricating the dry, cracked eyes & minds of the reader -- (I've cried so much the past few days, I ain't got no tears left) -- *sigh*

(((Thank You 4 This)))