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Topic subject*smiles*
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16508, *smiles*
Posted by the perfect mistake, Tue Aug-16-05 05:17 PM
i saw look forward to you posting... why? for this...

i want to cross & show u
separate & show u
what i can do
a detroit madonna
only she doesn't really-
no one has ever really
been able to tell me what she does-
& i really want to do sumthin
to really show u

what i can do

i don't wanna do no cerebral thang
read poetry
in some spot
where ppl can afford to pay to feign attention
to works better found in libraries
if they read
& not just wrote


i do want u to watch me watch jeopardy


Pinwheels and Hula Hoops: my book


you've been resurrected, tre.