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Topic subject& just yesterday
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15795, & just yesterday
Posted by paperdollpoet, Fri Apr-29-05 10:02 AM
i was mislead into thinking that an open mic was actually an open mic when in fact it turned out to be a party. & me in all my glory, showed up with three things that stood out..my notebook, a non-titty shirt (tee shirt to be exact) and alone.

but instead of rushing out of the door with an attitude.

i sat, ordered diet cokes. i smiled alone. i bounced to music alone. i never watched the clock or door. i never hung my head. i people watched, drank my sodas, munched on ice, giggled at the fact that i was sittin in the middle of a party alone because 5 years ago i would have been on my cell phone trying to find anyone to come and hang with me.

its onna those moments when you can either decide to be happy with the situation or let your lip drag across the floor.

i decided to be happy. to be fulfilled enough to enjoy the company of myself.

so yeah..i saw myself in this.

even though most times in my writing i appear to be on the brink of dying..

i'm happy as shit when i'm living outside of paper.