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Topic subjectFAKE---please rate
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15701, FAKE---please rate
Posted by 2 Lettas, Tue Jul-05-05 04:12 PM
Young man stood on the block so long he'll rot dustin'
Working fast food only time he hit a hot button
Balloons and pimples the only time he pop somethin'
Benefittin' natta, cuz dog he got nothin'
Like gum wrapper in his mouth, needs to stop frontin'
Its not a game especially when the cops comin'
No cell phone, can't SPRINT from the truth, stop runnin'
Can't rap, the only time he saw tracks was out huntin'
Cool Boarders the only time he bout stuntin'
That Paris poke'mon only time he was out London
Only beats he made was hands on a table, not drummin'
At the police station only time he cop somethin'
Only Mil he had was Oats after it stop lumpin'
And the only time he was F'd up...is when his report card was flunkin'
Matta fact, only time he was G'd up was when he had a problem stutterin'
Only bread he handled was Mary Jane with a whole lot of butterin'
Only smokin' he did was tailpipes, not mufflin'
Only time it rained on his block was with lightning and thunderin'
So stop wonderin' bout the boy that I'm dissin'
Cuz when you see him, he aint fake.........He's probably....a Christian