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Topic subjectUp to bat next
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15601, Up to bat next
Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Apr-14-05 10:26 PM
Up to bat next. Russian hat roulettes.
Dont live in the past, doesn't have regrets.
Pro. Chop the white snow up with 'yak breath.
The Dope Opera Maestro conducts the smack fest.

Suckas lack zest, he pack freight loads of flava.
Four seasons annually, taste maker/ dough raker.
Mastermind power moves, his aim's a focused lazer.
Not a stick up per se, this a takeover playa.

No traitors ever infiltrate the infrastructure.
Hos say 'm a clever, innovative pimp and hustler.
Known to leave a rusty shade of tint on ya luster
Roast crabs, souffle' the shrimps in the butta.

Mustard Timb scuffa, free lance Polo spokesman.
Mean hands the street champ from SOHO to Oakland.
Read: Coast to coast 'n, I glow when 'm boastin,
No joke, yoke mics in a choke holds that broke them.