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Topic subjectShakeet the Beast Part IV
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15598, Shakeet the Beast Part IV
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Thu Apr-14-05 11:24 AM

On this blue playground, different cultures and races
Thereís a plethora of history amongst this potpourri of faces
Schoolyard bully stay ready to pull the trigger
But Sadaam Hussein never called me nigger
The hood is desperate for any semblance of hope
At the end of the line lookin for another foot of rope
Hard workin mothers with good credit, but canít get a loan
The smartest business move is to own a funeral home
Junkies injectin, but they still care about their life
But the track lines on their arms say otherwise, right?
Alcoholic fathers quit the bottle for the sake of their kids
But he got cirrhosis of the liver, so he already dead
Make up to break up, happiness is a faÁade
Iíd be gettin high too if I didnít know God
Invertebrate brothers be soft but with a gun act hard
Tryin to get me to clock out but Iíma stay on my job