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Topic subjectWe've come too far to let it die
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15597, We've come too far to let it die
Posted by SNAFU, Thu Apr-14-05 11:06 AM
What happened to this place?
We were the human race
but something happened and that memory has been erased.
Can't talk to one another,
we kill our sisters, brothers
and children growing up without their fathers or their mothers.
We are the victims of our own undying quest for freedom.
We make mistakes then wait a couple years just to repeat them.
This ain't no freaking weekend,
the Talking Heads keep speaking,
yet still we die at home because intelligence is leaking.
I oppose this occupation of a foreign land
when there's a war in our own streets that is now at hand.
I'd rather write these words down and play in a band
than receive my death sentence through a chain of command.
It's hard to separate the truth from all the fabrications,
but realize that Magic must have got a vaccination.
I know they probably got a cure for Marburg too,
just another little thing we won't get access to.
A peace is possible, but people's quick to turn their back at ya
to make a profit drilling oil while ignoring Africa.