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Topic subjectThat Equal
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15596, That Equal
Posted by Nathaniel, Wed Apr-06-05 01:00 PM
(beat shifts to Crime Mob's "knuck if You Buck")

I see you in that lac/
as I pulls up in that truck/
24's/ swing up dohs
steady flicking off them hoes/
Nate Dog sing them songs/
straight doing it like i does/
fading all them fake players/
bend down to oil up them gators/
it's a brand new week with some brand new cheeks/
while you live check to check/
a ni**a bout that guap/
and he just can't stop until them wheels fall off

"I do talk tuff and I do tuff things."
-Jimmy Jones (DipSet capo)

Nathan is a phenomenal young singer out of Brooklyn,NY. He is featured currently on the Encore album entitled "The Layover". He is known mostly for his intimate knowledge of 80's/90's musi