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Topic subjectDumfucks unequal
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15595, Dumfucks unequal
Posted by flashiusclay, Wed Apr-06-05 11:43 AM
Flame sprayer A gamer hip hop is back
He could write but you should hear em spit on a track
Finger pick the axe and he makes his own beats
Blacksout and comes to achin dome piece
Crates is obese yo the labs a wax museum
I A-rab em may stab em if I catch em takin
Thats exasperatin over for the masqueradin
Later for the shakin asses yatches hafta pay him
I'm sayin. He quick to tell a ho hump herself
No shame in him, skull game is somethin else
He tell em, "Ima let you make me tons of wealth.
You aint gotta be young or dumb but it helps."
Smoke blunts to good health I'd like to make a toast
Here's to keepin bitches overworked afraid and broke
He made jokes with his folks at the players roast
Skated in the Lac gold plated Dayton spokes