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Topic subjectRE: THATS 100 PEOPLE!!!
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15594, RE: THATS 100 PEOPLE!!!
Posted by Whateva, Tue Apr-05-05 10:54 PM
That's a hundred replies and a hundred war cries
a hundred challenges and hundred lost lives
finger to keyboard, output to monitor
some near flawless delivery hidden beneath a moniker
some brave thoughts hittin me really I'm not mindin ya
Furthest from the second I'm picked from the litter
Be certain of what you reckon all gold ain't glitter
This cypher is my cell when you hear it come get me
Em is me backwards that made the Game iffy
hundred and two replies that better than two 50's
Open mic cypher lights out!! up ya lighter
Started by SNAFU and finished by half of you
blaksilence abstract, flashcius got words smacks
typin and writin wit absence of high hats
dis fly cat will stomp you on ya welcome mat
so save the flash and pomp til ya health come back
okay player in ya layers like a tic on attack.

I'm tired...keep it going though.