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Topic subject100th post in thread
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15592, 100th post in thread
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 04:22 PM
Go ahead I dont care close the thread
Throw em over the edge he didnt know the ledge
They found him in a shallow grave with broken legs
Remind me of that one time I stole a keg
I gotta grow a hedge just to keep the groupies out
They keep campin on the lawn with they boobies out
Rangin from the perky jiggle to the droopy slouch
Somebody poop butt skid marked the Gucci couch
Im all moody it's bout to be on in a minute
Fuck all these bitches now they gone and did it
Broke chickens rollin six to a Honda Civic
I'ma reasonable man, but I'm beyond my limits
Yall broads is finished, this heres the final straw
Dont try to come by, dont write or call
In the moon light he threw them out by the draws
All you saw, all types of hos tryin to climb the wall