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Topic subject99 bottles of beer
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15591, 99 bottles of beer
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 03:37 PM
The games full of male models and queers
These lames is motivated by not God, but fear
The colder soul controlla hold the throttle and steer
At the show the whole audience applauded and cheered
I've got about a year to make my mark on the slate
Hostile take over label owner take his parkin space
Guard the safe start the tape Ima spark the 8th
Sharpen the stake great bargain Black Market Papes
Pack a larger crate and fill it to the brim
Hook trim on the pissin pole then I reels em in
Rock a Erick Parrish hat like I'm Gilligan
Math science cast iron skillet to the chin
From the fryin pan to the camp fire s'mores
He arrived and his vibe made the macks hide the whores
(He said) "mine keep me busy, I've no time for yours"
He was lyin, but, you know, the game is like a war...