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Topic subjectNinety Six
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15589, Ninety Six
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 12:35 PM
Hollow tips fly from Apollos lips
So raw so slick cream suede wallos dipped
Respect a real woman but I call a ho bitch
I never ask em if they swallow or spit
I ask myself, should I go with a face shot?
Maybe, maybe not, ho, dont waste a drop
Cocaine snots got the whole game locked
Go away, it's just a roll in the hay byotch
No names at the top, bullseyes on their backs
Generals be gettin fooled by surprise attacks
Superfly Mack with the Cooley High hat
Supersized strap write the Pulitzer Prize raps
Pulverize cats...

I'll be back to make this hit 100