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Topic subjectWhoa
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15587, Whoa
Posted by SuNofABySS, Tue Apr-05-05 11:23 AM
the rhymes that we spit, wack mc's are not touching
what happened? i wanted to see an all time high reply posts reach a hundred
i know we got enough mc's to keep this shit going for a while
i'll be asking "are we there yet?" like i was child
but im grown although i still live at home
shhh, keep that quiet cause my girl still doesnt know
excuse me, i'm getting a little off topic
sometimes that happens when Pauly Paul drops it
oops! i just revealed my name
i really hope you feel the same
its dangerous what i lay on tracks, like suicide victims that deal with trains
the type of people that never learned just how to deal with pain
they bottled it until it exploded like that '86 rocketship
seriously man i'm just tryin to reach a hundred, so follow this

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise" - Talib Kweli