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Topic subjectwritten to the tune of where you at, ye's boost mobile beat
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15586, written to the tune of where you at, ye's boost mobile beat
Posted by flashiusclay, Sun Apr-03-05 02:47 AM
off the head massacre thats real flash kills
smash grills, say rhymes that other cats feel.
But at the same time,
I be like FUCK what cats feel
Rap skills'll get him stacks a bucks in max mills.
Studied The Mack, im billie dee williams
the guttery cat that got willie d for his millions
My buttery tracks fathered Billy Jean's children
Cats is utterly wack, I really be illin
Philly fillin the blunt burnt for sixty minutes
Sticky spinach funk germ gritty vintage
He so pretty he never need a shitty gimmick
Critics bicker, is he kendricks or jimi hendrix?
Inna inner city limits th' legend stretches far
..I know more than one way to get a car
Hard headed ghetto star
Several steps ahead of the law
..A regular at the bar
Metal jaw chrome melon
the known felon on the microphone yellin
"fuckin narcs, I wont help em!"
Flow compellin dope sellin stable owner
Yayo stona 56 inch cable vulgar
She made him choke her in the gold plated pagoda
When he first started bangin tables it was over